Hi again friends - If you are the master of procrastination like me, it's highly likely that you have not started shopping for the holidays. Lucky for me, I am living halfway across the world from loved ones, so I have a major excuse for sending gifts a bit late. Let's be real, I am the QUEEN of late gifting. It is something I will be working on for the rest of time - eek! On the contrary, maybe you have done the shopping for others, but you need a spark of an idea as to what to ask for yourself. Hell, maybe you even got a holiday work bonus, and it is time to finally treat yo self! We could even go as far as calling this my own personal holiday wishlist. Whatever the shopping excuse might be, I pulled together a chic little gift guide of all the things I would love to see from good ole Santa Clause this year. It's modern and earthy (my faves), and it's all so satisfyingly good. Hope you enjoy!

From Clockwise - Terracotta Bowls , Ceramic Mug , Mezcal , Ceramic Carafe , Brass Wine Stopper , Georgia O'Keeffe and Her Houses Book , Marble Candlestick Holders , Jasper & Jade Earrings , Brass Incense Holder , Throw Blanket , Raffia Bag , Wonder Valley Olive Oil