Meet en shell. En shell is a creative project that I have been mustering up the courage to send out to the world. It is an outlet that at this point, I find essential to my being. With the many years of juggling multiple jobs, many of which happen to be in a creative field of some sort, I have yet to actually put forth my own form of a project that truly depicts my own personal taste. MY own vibe that truly screams my name, my travels, my own obsessions. So many times I have chickened out thinking I didn't have anything interesting to bring to the table, it's already been done before, the timing isn't perfect, or even perhaps the busyness of life always seems to get in the way. Regardless, all are excuses. I have finally reached a point to where I feel my body and brain might spontaneously combust if I don't at least attempt to put forth some creative venture into the universe.

En shell is all things that inspire me to retreat and go within myself. All things that make me find an inner peace amongst all of life's crazy. All things that give me a sense of zen in order for me to have the courage to be my best self and do the things I have always dreamt of doing. As I get older, I am continuously reminded that there are not many things that truly make me feel more alive than the act of creating. Creating a life, creating a space, creating myself. So cheers to following along on a new journey! En shell - retreat, go within.